Actually this was an advance despidida because the following week my friend will be in Cebu with her idol, whose name will never be mentioned, to spend time with her and watch her idol’s concert. How cool! So back to the despidida, more booze than ever! Shots for the ladies and gents! Labelled shot glasses (smart thinking tart)! Unlimited videoke! Laughter! Fools fooling around! Pictures! The veterans vs. the amateurs! Culture shock (thank you Larvie for traumatizing our friend Nette)! Isaw! Yummy nachos and salsa! All time favourite ginisang hotdog (thank you Tito Alex)! Heart to heart (Heart to heart nga bay un? Puro tawanan at interruption... even though we’re with you Iris)! Exes reunited (you know who they are haha)! It was a fun-filled night, it was like college all over again. We’re going to miss you Tintin!!! See you soon! <3
ay like ko ito
come back soon tintin!


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