June 7, 1988 - the day a small, innocent and fragile baby was born... 24 years later then boom! I became the opposite! I'm no longer small, innocent and fragile. I've grown and became stronger as years pass, no longer as innocent as when I was a child, have done loads of mistakes, surpassed difficulties, enjoyed my years as a student, being wild and carefree, had a good laugh and also had a good cry, battled my way through hangovers, found my ♥, became a nurse, gained new friends, learned new things, dealt with the impossible, had several confrontations, reunions, said goodbyes, hellos and see you soon, tried my luck a lot of times, still a bit carefree, and still looking for my way through life's twisted road. And with all the things that happened, the things that are happening and the things that will happen in my life, I'm glad and grateful that my family will and always be there by my side. So cheers to another great year! Thank you so much for the blessings Lord! 
Letter made by my niece. She folded it into a paper airplane and threw it inside my room and shouted "It's for you Nangnag Joy!" haha how cute!
xoxo J

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