Went to Cabana Beach, Chumphon, with my mother and sister.. ate lunch and enjoyed the breeze ^_^. When we got there there were no people in sight, we got the beach for ourselves! Yiiii! 

And a wedding just took place on the beach the night before. There were still chairs, decorations and beer bottles.  
Ahoy mate!
Defying gravity. Lookbook shots haha and lumu-lookbook din si Mother Earth!
Lunch date.
We also went to Chumphon National Museum. It was so-so, the props were cool though and the museum was technically closed until we arrived haha :))
It was such a hot day that we couldn't wait to head home and turn on the AC in full blast haha nonetheless we all enjoyed our day, a bit educational, and it was priceless.

xoxo J

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