Hi world! Last December 2011 the Head Nurse Administrator of the last hospital I've worked in asked me if I could shoot her daughter's 7th Birthday party. I was a little sceptic because photography is just my hobby and I mostly take pictures of myself (ha-ha obvious na VAIN!). So during that one month of preparation, more like deep thinking, I agreed a week before the event.

With only my big bros camera and a tripod I was in a shooting frenzy... here are some of the selected pics taken from the event. [Pictures taken and edited by me]
It was very tiring going around and taking pictures of every kid in the party... some were too shy to take pictures; some were hogging the camera ha-ha. It was a great first experience for me and guess what... I booked a new client! Hopefully it pulls through... fingers crossed. ^_^

[Pictures taken last January 7, 2012]
Happy Birthday Maple!!! ^_^ her party was fun! There were games including cherries and whip cream! Haha dirty minds shoo away! The mechanics is we had to get a cherry under a bed of whip cream and the team that loses will drink a glass full of gin! Kamusta naman un? And so we thought that our team already won... too bad it was just a trial! The second time around our team lost, boo to us waha! I didn’t drink at all. I might not be able to go home in a conscious state.
Next game, trip to JAKARTA! Ahaha joke! Trip to Jerusalem with a little twist, the participants will wear a blind fold and the chairs are scattered all over the room. The game was pretty competitive especially for the boys! Good job Dexter! Sa iyo na ang chair wahaha
With the Birthday girl ^_^
Hulaan mo drawing ko – present day’s DRAW SOMETHING hahahaha
God i miss high school!