I was still sleepy but then i have to endure it and wake up early the next day. It was my niece’s family day at her alma mater; the same school were i graduated from preschool up until high school, DIVINE LIGHT ACADEMY. Is anyone of you also a child of light??? Hahaha

It was a pretty awesome day. I, my father, mother nephews, niece and their mother were at the event. Designated photographer of the day: ME!

I never thought that the preschooler’s sports fest was that competitive! I was running around taking pictures, guiding my niece, shouting and jumping! I was all over the place! Hence the title “battered feet”, i was wearing my new wedges (thank you Tinee and Tintin for the gift!) while doing all of those things. My feet were numb after that day! Tiis-ganda ika nga hahaha. Looking at the brighter shade of gray, the day was pretty awesome, minus the accident all was fine wahahaha my sister and my niece were running during this game and they tripped. My nephew caught the whole thing on camera and we were laughing at it inside the clinic. It was hilarious! The reminder of it never fails to make me laugh! Too bad that video might’ve been erased by now. You know that awkward moment when someone you know trips and you don’t know whether to laugh or help him/her out? That was it... that was that priceless, awkward, hilarious moment. We had to buy fries for my niece in order for her to stop crying hahahaha so cute.

School’s are amazing in making cool and weird games for kids haha
Me and Mace ♥
the very proud Lola and Lolo.
my brother's family. ^_^
After the game is the awarding ceremony held at the new gym... the court looks like the ones in PBA and NBA. Nice! My nieces team didn’t win but hey winning isn’t fun unless you win a friend in the process. Just like a line from our sports fest theme song “winning will never end if i win a friend”. And then the coolest and cutest thing happened! The whole preschool danced! It was so cute i wanted to pinch all their cheeks! Grrrr! We never had those when i was in preschool, boo!
I was fascinated by the colour of the gym’s bleachers that i just had to have a photo-op. Thank you my dear nephew JM for taking the nice pictures. You’re getting pretty good at this. Thank you for the pretty awesome day Lord! I love family so much! Shout out to my Kuya and Ate who were abroad at that time! <3

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