Me flying alone for the 2nd time.
Finally coming back to Gensan, where my father's hometown is. It has been more than a decade since I the last time I set foot on this beautiful place... too bad we're not there for a vacation, something more serious happened that's why my father, my mother and I went there. My father's oldest brother died, my uncle, and this blog post is for his memory.
I may not have known you that well Tito, you'll forever be in our hearts. We love you!
In Filipino culture events like this turns into a reunion. Since me and my family were to stay there for only a short amount of time, the Advincula clan sure made a heck of a reunion.

Just as my plane landed i was welcomed by relatives whom I've not seen before, smiles, hugs and kisses were a very welcoming treat. We then drove up to the pineapple plantation and to the small farm of my cousin. My father was overly happy because there's more DURIAN for him! I gotta admit, it is quite delicious, minus the  foul smell of course.
Mini farmville up the mountains.
The next day after my Uncle's interment the family opted to have a little fun at Amandari Cove. We'll never know when we'll be able to come back so we took the opportunity to bond with the relatives.
Grilled tuna belly and sashimi!
Before heading back to our hotel my cousin was kind enough to drive us around where the Pambansang Kamao and his family lives. We also saw his hotel and his wife's commercial bldg. 'twas pretty awesome!
The next day we had to leave early to catch our morning flight back to Manila. Our stay in General Santos was brief but very fulfilling, seeing my other relatives and bonding with them... weird though, well i guess its not weird at all, it felt like i've known them for so long already.
We'll definitely comeback here next year! I can't wait to go back to the pineapple plantation and eat as many pineapples as i want! hahaha

xoxo J

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