Meet Misha Paulette, the chubby-cheeked angel of Ma'am Meris, my Senior nurse when I worked at E. Zarate Hospital. She was kind enough to call me a few days earlier and told me that I'll be one of the godmother of Misha, I was half awake when she called but I gladly accepted. That's plus one on my list on  Christmas and on Birthdays: "GODSONS AND DAUGHTERS TO HIDE FROM" hahahaha! di ako mayaman mga ina-anak ko but I'll definitely guide you through the crooked and twisted roads of this world, I'll pray for your health and for your family's health as well. If you need me, I'll be there as long as we're not talking about money hahaha JOKE! I'll pray for you success in this world, your safety and for blessing to pour in you life. Grow as stern as your mommy Misha ^_^

xoxo J

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