My sister was talking to us about the daily aerobics session done at the park so we decided to try it for fun. I never really tried aerobics so i was curious about it. The experience was hilarious! kept laughing in between the moves, felt silly about it but it did made me sweat a lot! I enjoyed it more because my mother was participating too... haha so cute!

We then walked for miles to get to a bookstore! If the motorcycle rides weren't that expensive... ugh! Well it was something that we have to endure. More walk, more fun in Chumphon daw haha.

After walking for what seemed like ages, we ate at an all you can eat Korean resto! Boom! There goes the calories burned hahaha
Had my dessert first. Eat all you can coconut ice cream!!!
Hot pot.
Post-aero, post-walkOfdeath, post-lamon!
We opted to walk home because our stomach was so full! I swore that i will not eat in an eat all you can resto anymore. Felt so guilty after that. :| but it was quite an adventure for the three of us and yet again it was priceless.

xoxo J

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