Last 2007 my cute little niece, her overly adorable baby brother and her Mom (Ate Inday) and Dad (Kuya Francis) went to Canada because her Mom was offered by the embassy to work there for 5 years... and now my little (sarcastically saying because she's already bigger than me!) niece is back! She'll be studying at De la Salle Zobel this coming school year and she has to take an exam and then go back to Canada to finish her last school year there.
We had a little get-together at our my Aunt's house.  
Wahaha one funny moment of the night... my nephew [Kobe - the one wearing the green shirt] accidentally drank a glass full of wine and coke hahaha he choked and did not like the taste at all.

[Pictures taken last January 7, 2012 - after my photo coverage]

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