Hi world! Last December 2011 the Head Nurse Administrator of the last hospital I've worked in asked me if I could shoot her daughter's 7th Birthday party. I was a little sceptic because photography is just my hobby and I mostly take pictures of myself (ha-ha obvious na VAIN!). So during that one month of preparation, more like deep thinking, I agreed a week before the event.

With only my big bros camera and a tripod I was in a shooting frenzy... here are some of the selected pics taken from the event. [Pictures taken and edited by me]
It was very tiring going around and taking pictures of every kid in the party... some were too shy to take pictures; some were hogging the camera ha-ha. It was a great first experience for me and guess what... I booked a new client! Hopefully it pulls through... fingers crossed. ^_^

[Pictures taken last January 7, 2012]

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