Hi, my name is Joy and I'm a shoe addict.

Okay, so I've just started collecting shoes last 2011 and I haven't quite made that much of a number. Reason #1. Shoes can be expensive #2. There's so many shoes to choose from! #3. Since I'm a nurse, I don't get to wear my shoes that often 4#. Most of my shoes are sky high that it can be inappropriate for some occasions that I attend to. Ha-ha! #5. Uhmm did I mention that they can be EXPENSIVE???

So here are some tips for essential shoes in a girls closet: 

Tip #1 - The Little Black Pumps

It should be a girl's best friend! It goes well with a lot of outfits; may it be pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, and the likes. It can be rounded, pointed, peep toe or any style that you want you LBP to be
Tip #2 - The heavy duty, versatile, sassy, sexy, chic, cute FLATS

Okay, a lot of women today wear high heels but there are times that out beloved heels can be a b!tch and hurt our feet; from calluses, blisters, sore feet, and sometimes broken foot/feet. But thanks to our trusty flats we can always confide on them. A lot of shoe stores, may it be online or in boutiques, have made flats that are so comfy, so cute, so versatile and can fit into any purses and bags. Gone are the days that our feet are all swollen and battered by our sky high heels.
Tip #3 - W.E.D.G.E.S.

If you're not a big fan of thin-heeled shoes and scared that you may look like Bambi taking his first steps, better go with the WEDGES. Wedges give the same effect like high heels (e.i. Booty tooch, proper posture, sexy walk and elongated legs) and you'll have a better balance and confidence. There have been an array of styles for wedges that the imagination of a person can only limit itself. There's the espadrilles, the Mary Jane, the Penny Loafers, and a lot more depending on your style, Wedges have become edgier and edgier as time goes by.
Tip #4 - Sandals. 

For those who are not a fan of high heels and wedges, one can never go wrong with sandals when it comes to comfort style. Just like the evolution of heels and wedges, there have been a lot of varieties of sandals for the demanding consumers. I like sandals that can be statement pieces for an outfit, with lots or ornament, complementing combinations of colors, sequins, glitters, and a whole lot more! I haven't found the perfect sandals for me but I do have two or three sandals stuck in my closet. Ha-ha
Tip #5 - Flippy-floppy FLIP FLOPS.

Hey! I know what you're thinking, flip flops aren't stylish and must not be a part of the SHOE ESSENTIALS. But here's a thought, flip flops can be stylish enough as long as you know what kind of flip flops to buy. They are not the typical "PANG-BAHAY NA TSINELAS" anymore. As i said with sandals, Ornament and all the other hullabaloo are key to a trendsetting flip flops. I have been a fan of flip flops since college, using my favorite brand Havaianas.
Tip #6 - BOOTS to boot.

Ooookay boots may not be advisable in the Philippine weather but there are boots that are designed for our tropical weather (minus the fur or wool lining inside). I particularly want to have a leopard designed ankle boots, they're so fierce and wild! It's one of the shoes in my SHOE WISH LIST! :)

Being in style while getting fit is a must. Nothing but a trendy and comfortable shoe to accompany your feet while running on a treadmill or just simply strutting your stuff in the gym.
Having these SHOE ESSENTIALS will jump start your shoe closet for sure! Just a friendly reminder... store your shoes wisely! (Hmm what a great idea for another blog!) T.T.F.N. :) <3 

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