My sister got a job as a teacher in Anuban Chumphon, she teaches English to her cute students that are both oh so adorable and very welcoming. That day we went to my sister's school for their recognition day. We were all smiles that day, the kids enjoyed it and were so energetic once their dance number was up. It was pure chaos! haha!
Meet Mi Pooh! Chubbiest among the pre-schoolers. I could just bite those cheeks if i was allowed to. :))
1st pic: Aligned and organized. 2nd pic: WTF!! haha
Every child got an award it was pretty awesome for the kids especially for their parents. All of them were very eager to get their award up front, so adorable. After the ceremony was their nap time so it me and my mother's cue to leave. My jaw was aching after, i kept smiling the whole time haha :))

xoxo J

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