First festival in Thailand that I've ever been to ^_^ It was just like our "Perya" in the Philippines. There's dancing, games, and food. I particularly like their fried ice cream (LITERALLY FRIED!) The ice cream was placed in a thin dough then fried for a brief moment then plated and drizzled with a syrup and 2 toppings of you liking. 
Me and Chumphon's local Transformer! haha and down there are fried insects... :| eew
Tried some of the games: you try your luck in this game. you fish for a bottle cap and if you get a lucky number you win good prizes such an electric fan, water jugs, brooms and the likes... if you don't win, don't fret because they give a bag loads of consolation prizes! It's a win-win situation ^_^ I like their blueberry jelly juice among all my consolation prizes.

I also tried their fortune-telling sticks hahaha I don't know what its called but you shake the container full of sticks until one stick jumps out of the container. Each stick has a number and it has a corresponding fortune written in paper ^_^ they said if you get good fortune reading you should keep the paper but if not you could throw away the paper and do it again. hehe My fortune was pretty precise, it was creepy and amazing at the same time :))

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