After a delayed flight and 14 hours of no sleep one of my best friend arrived from Cali last February 3 and yaaaah i was so damn eggzited! 2 and a half years since we last saw each other but the downside, the reason why she came back is because her father died and she had to bring her father’s remains in the Philippines. 

First and last day of her father’s wake we went to her Lola’s house. It’s weird how wakes turn to reunions, me and my college friends couldn’t wait to see Tintin. Haha a funny moment everyone was running towards her one at a time and jumped at her to give her a big hug! We all talked about the old days (wow! Ganun nab a kami katanda?!) and the present and the future. In a gathering like this, it’s impossible not to have booze and drink... and so we did! Tanduay Ice for the balik-bayan! Yeah! The night was filled with laughter, taunting each other, corny jokes and mga banat! #1 banat of the night: “Oh bat naka-tube ka?” Wahahahaha sorry Melvin! I just had to say it, nakakarami ka na sa akin eh! :)

The one thing I hate the most when i’m drinking... i get drunk easy! Yah sure during college i could endure simultaneous intake of alcohol but now... wala pang kalahati, namumula na ang fez ko! FAIL! And one rule, the only rule in our barkada... never-ever sleep first! Thanks a lot for the headshot tart! With caption pa! In my defence, I was on morning shift duty. With friends like these my life will forever be insane. :)
had to get the other pic of Melvin casting a shadow in front of the pic... hahaha EPIC!!!
"I guess we're just not built to drink like we used to?!" -Jil

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