Spent the day at the mall. My sister and I watched The Hunger Games and before entering the cinema we looked around and found that there's a Toy Fair happening. My sister loves Hello Kitty so she couldn't pass up the chance on taking a picture at the Hello Kitty arch. Our inner child is jumping with joy seeing all those toys.
Back to The Hunger Games: I adore Katniss Everdeen! I wanted to learn how to do archery after watching it! I couldn't wait for the next movie... Maybe I'll read the book first just like what I did with Twilight. Aaah these book-based movies are my addiction, I wanted to see if the directors, actors and everyone behind the movie gave justice to the book that's why I'm eager to watch these kinds of movies.

If I were given a choice between movies and books you'd know what I'd choose. BOOKS! Loads and loads of books, I like the way it makes you imagine ever scene in your mind; you can pick your own actors and actresses, it's endless imagination in a paperback or an ebook haha

xoxo J

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