It has been a good 5 months since I last posted & I want to kick myself for doing that, I've been so busy with my training and never got a chance to BLOOOOG! Even though I know I don't have any readers, I still feel lighter, at ease and at peace after blogging. 

So what have I been up to during the last 5 months? Well to start of I began my dialysis training and it lasted for about 3 months. Apart from learning a lot during my training and meeting new people and enjoying every bit of it, I also liked the part where I lost weight! Yup, you read that right... imagine walking briskly for almost 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and the only time you get to sit is when you're eating your lunch/dinner or doing either no.1 or no.2. Who wouldn't loose weight with that kind of daily routine? I was pretty glad it happened discreetly too because I didn't notice that I was loosing weight already. Now I'm hitting close to my target weight, hopefully even after my training has ended I wouldn't gain my weight back ^_^ crossing all of my fingers!

Apart from my training we also celebrated a lot of birthdays, special during the month of July. My mother, 2 nephews and my brother are all under the Zodiac Sign -  cancer, pretty cool right?

And August comes knocking at our doors step, a month before the BER-months which means were getting closer to Christmas ^_^ This month is particularly special because it is my boyfriends birthday and our anniversary as well. I bought him a back pack, which he has been asking for in a long while and then he gave me an early anniversary/birthday gift {he gave it to me last May so... yah}, he gave me a red G-Shock watch which is intended for men but I prefer bigger watches so it was perfect.. hihi.. then he got a black one in matte.

Hello, hello September. The birth month of my father & sister-in-law. We had a small celebration for each birthday, it was pretty nice celebrating birthdays with families & loved ones. Speaking of loved ones, it is also the month when my sister came home from Thailand! Yeeaah! Pasalubong for everyone! We had a lot of fun during her last few weeks of staying in the Philippines. We ate a lot when she was around because some or rather most of the foods here in the Philippines are not available in Thailand {so much for maintaining my wt. HAHA!}.

November. Month of ghouls, souls, trick or treating and loads of freaky zombies, vampires and what not. It is also my sister's birth month but she wasn't able to celebrate it with us because she has to go back to Thailand earlier in month. Never the less we still celebrated her birthday with cake & ice cream ^_^

And we end up here.. to this day, with me updating my blog. I've also had a change in interest.... I'm beginning to love Paris, France!!! Well I guess every woman loves Paris, I was planning on doing a Paris, France theme on my room. It will be classic, timeless and will never go out of trend. Yah I'm pretty excited about that and I'm also excited about Christmas! Last Sunday. 11|18, me and my boyfriend watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 and I can tell you, it was amazing! A perfect ending to a perfect love story. ^_^ So after watching we went to World Trade Center and did a little shopping for Christmas gifts. We were walking for about 4 hours and we still weren't able to finish looking at the stalls, just imagine how big the bazaar was! And before going home we ate spicy sausage sandwich from Hero Sausages, I love hove well seasoned and not too spicy it was. I was a little out off with another sausage that they have, it was called Dundee, it is made of crocodile meat and it grossed me out! Luckily I asked what it was and its difference from the other sausages hahaha I don't like the idea of eating crocodile meat for dinner. blaaah.

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