Oh yeah! Songkran is here and you know what that means! Be prepared to get wet all over!

It's our first time to celebrate Songkran in Thailand and it's one of there most important Holidays because its their NEW YEAR CELEBRATION!!! It is celebrated for 3 days, every April 13-15, but for some areas in Thailand it is celebrated for 5-6 days... how cool is that?! But how exactly do you celebrate Songkran? People throw or pour water on family, friends and strangers. It is symbolized as washing all the bad away. Almost all the stores are closed during the celebration... the goal is to get wet and get others wet haha so at this time water guns are expensive so if you're out of budget you can always opt to water bombs and "tubig at batya". Locals also put wet colored powder on their faces and passers by as a symbol of blessings. 

Me and my sizzie opted to go to the beach so we'd have the ultimate Songkran experience. But deeply, we're scared of getting wet! Upon going to the beach we were already ambushed inside the Songthaew (their local jeepney) with boys and girls armed like fire fighters! It was hilarious! Locals inside the Songthaew were laughing at my reaction hahaha I was caught off guard... I was slapped on the face with water! how would you expect my reaction to be?? haha
It wouldn't be Songkran if you didn't get wet. It was an amazing experience. We'd always get wet the most when we're headed back to the apartment... trucks would pass by and throw water at us as we wait, powerless under a tree, for the Songthaew.

We'd do Songkran all over again and the next time around we'll be prepared Thailand!!! bwahahahaha (evil laugh)

xoxo J

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