Last January I spent my weekend with my boyfriend and his cousins at Baguio City! Armed with food, pillows and a comfortable seat, we were ready for the 7 hour road trip. Well natulog lang naman kami haha. Finally we made touchdown by midday at the Cathedral and met with my boyfriend’s uncle.

Now its market time! Wet market, I mean... bought fresh produce, meat, fish and the entire hullabaloo for our 3 day vacation. Prices are very low especially for fruits and vegetables! Yum!

By dinner time we went to 50’s Diner, found at 92 Upper General Luna Road, Corner Brent Road. Hence the name of the food chain, its themed like diners in the 50’s, with posters of stars at that time. They have affordable meals, big serving and MILK SHAKE!!! But... when we got there the place was jam packed! I mean like literal sardines in a can! The place was full of locals and tourists and we had to wait for 45 minutes for a table. Good thing is that they take our orders first and as soon as we get seated everything is ready to serve. And when i said they have BIG servings i was not joking. The meal i ordered for my boyfriend was GINORMOUS! I thought it was only a 3 layered sandwich, it was 3 layers alright, but they didn’t say the bread was 2 inches thick! My boyfriend did not finish it, he barely ate it! He said he was overwhelmed and lost his appetite! Boo for that. I’d give 50’s Diner 2.5 out of 5. Service was poor, some food weren’t served. For the taste, it’s generally good and I loved their chocolate milk shake
Beside 50’s Diner is a bar named Red Lion’s Pub. Had drinks by the cliff side which was a wrong move! It was so freakin’ cold! I was only wearing tights and shorts! Hahaha fail! It was a good thing that the pub lets customers borrow their wool blanket, well for snuggling ^_^.

The next day we were off to Philippine Military Academy, grabbed the opportunity to take some lookbook photos. Thanks to my boyfriend <3

MINE’S VIEW and GOOD SHEPHERD – pasalubong time!

Okay, Good Shepherd is so famous for its pasalubong like Ube, Strawberry Jams, cookies, lengua and the likes and for this reason bongga ang traffic! Naman! So we had to walk, yes you read that right! WALK! But it didn’t stop us! I just had to buy Ube Jam for my family, it’s one our favourite treats. And of course since its traffic the line at their store was long. An upside, they have a lot of counters so many people were served at a time. 
Before heading to Mines View Park we got to taste Baguio’s Strawberry taho. Two thumbs up for the taste. 
That tree was hit by a lighting and now the people of Baguio are turning this into a Tiki post... cool eh?
Hello Mines View Park! Took pictures, sightseeing and oh! We took a picture with a St. Bernard!!! It was huge and has heavy paws! Hahaha 
my boyfriend took these photos. ^_^
Next destination – PIZZA VOLANTE. It’s a small pizzeria found at 82 Session Rd. The food was a little bit pricey for the taste. More seasoning on the dough could’ve made the taste better. Some of the pastas we order weren’t that good. Fail. I’d rate the joint 2 out of 5.
More of that shopping please! Burnham Park’s night market, the ukay-ukay, souvenirs and the likes! I bought a vintage Piero Guidi leather bucket bag for only 150php; it was in good shape, no damages at all! A very good find... Hooray for me! We went on with our shopping “spree” (spree-meaning buying only 2 items according to my boyfriend haha), I also bought another bag, a Cat Kidson floral bag with a vintage look. Pretty cute! As the night progress it began to get colder and colder, my boyfriend then bought a cute beanie, how adorable!
He bought the blue beanie. He obviously didn't like the white one haha
A warm cup of coffee for the cold heart. We went to a pretty creepy place for a cup of Starbucks. It was probably the most remote place you’ll ever see a Starbucks joint, inside a forest! Hahaha joke! Di naman siya forest... it’s actually a camp, Camp John Hay. We sat outside, enduring the cold breeze, talking and watching youtube videos. Too bad Starbucks there doesn’t offer wool blanket, it was perfect cuddle weather. 

You’re the STRAW to my BERRY – Strawberry Farm yippee! Us early birdies set off to strawberry farm to pick some strawberries and veggies. The site was so overwhelmingly fascinating! Lots of fruits and vegetables, cheapest ones too! I love it there... 10php for a bunch of lettuce and if you buy 10 they’ll give you 1 for free! Also bought broccoli, baby potatoes and STRAWBERRY of course! And while walking inside the farm we tasted Baguio’s special and super yummy strawberry ice cream. 
eating strawberry ice cream with bits of fresh strawberries while walking around the plantation.
Aww see you soon Baguio! Butas bulsa naming sa iyo haha! Before heading back to Manila, a good friend of my boyfriend’s uncle invited us to his restaurant to get a taste of his entire specialty; soup #5, bulalo, sisig, chopsuey and liempo. Blogging this is making me hungry haha. And then after 7 hours, were back to reality. 
It was definitely a fun-filled weekend. 'Till next time Baguio City!

xoxo J

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