Honouring our friend’s arrival... (Wow! Honouring talaga?!) we set up a dinner date for the whole barkada. Only a few came though, given the tight schedules and some were already abroad but we still had fun! It’s impossible for everyone to come in time so the meeting time was 6pm... 3 cups of Starbucks coffee, 2 packs of cigarette and 2 hours after, we were almost complete. We head to Giligan’s for a feast! In our barkada pag gutom, wala nang patumpik-tumpik pa. See the pic? That is no joke dude... we finished in just 5 minutes! Kami na ang gutom! Too bad for our friend, Cat, who came in right after we just finished. There was nothing left on our plates. Dinaanan ng bagyo, literally. Hahaha
insert Tart (Jil)
They had more of that Starbucks coffee... but for me and my  friend Shana, we want Swensen’s! We ordered my favourite Nutty Basket, i was in heaven! I missed it so much. Swensen’s Ice Cream parlor is my ultimate guilty pleasure. The first time i ate a piece of heaven was when i was in Thailand. It’s a good thing a franchise opened in Mall of Asia, and i think they’re going to open another one in Eastwood and SM Soutthmall (yey closer to home!!!). I never get tired of eating their ice cream, beats the other expensive ice creams i know! Swensen’s is and will always be the ULTIMATE SUNDAE EXPERIENCE.
Nutty Basket
Tin and Jil
Since it’s the dinner that’s long been over due i dressed up for the occasion. Thank you Ron for taking my pictures; took only 3 shots and we got the look! Give yourself a pat on the back.  

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